Established in the 1920’s, Randhill Park interfaith cemetery has been proudly serving the North Shore and Northern Suburbs for nearly a century with care and compassion.

Located on the same memorial campus as Shalom Memorial Park and Shalom Memorial Funeral home, Randhill Park has become the communities choice for interfaith and non-denominational families alike and features a myriad of burial, entombment and inurnment options.

Our dedicated, full-time, professional staff is made up of more than thirty cemeterians, family service counselors, caretakers, and burial attendants.

Years of Service
Beautiful Acres
Cemetery Sections

A Meaningful Place

Burial and Entombment Options


Randhill Park offers traditional in-ground burial plots in eight different sections of the cemetery.

The Interfaith Gardens of Devotion is a special garden within Randhill Park designed as a meaningful option for interfaith families to be at rest together.

Randhill Park offers a variety of options for the burial of cremated remains throughout the cemetery grounds.

The Randhill Sunset Columbarium provides a meaningful option for the permanent entombment of cremated remains.

The new Heritage Cremation Memorial offers an elegant resting place option in the heart of the cemetery grounds.

Columbarium niches can accommodate either a single individual or two loved ones together.

Randhill Park Sunset Columbarium and Mausoleum

The Sunset Mausoleum is a beautiful outdoor mausoleum designed to serve as the final resting place for casketed entombments.

Meeting the unique needs of each family we are honored to serve.

We understand and appreciate that each family has their unique traditions and customs around life, death, mourning and memory.  As an interfaith cemetery, Randhill Park prides itself on being able to meet the needs and desires of each unique family we are honored to serve.

Randhill Park Cemetery

Traditional Plots

Within Randhill Park interfaith cemetery, burial plots are identified by their (a) Section, (b) Block and (c) Space number. 

Typical blocks contain either 12, 16, or 24 spaces.

Randhill Park Section Map

Sunset Garden Mausoleum

Entombments and Inurnments

The Sunset Mausoleum and Columbarium, located within the greater Randhill Park cemetery grounds, offer beautiful options for both casketed entombments and cremation niches.

Sinai Garden Columbarium

Beautiful Modern Cremation Niches

The Sinai Garden Columbarium offers a unique, beautiful, modern options for the permanent resting place for those individuals who have selected cremation.

Sinai Garden Columbarium


Established in the 1950’s, the Shalom Memorial Park Cemetery has been proudly serving the North Shore and Northern Suburbs for nearly a century.

Located on the same memorial campus as Randhill Park, Shalom Memorial Park has become the communities choice for Jewish Families of every type and denomination.

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